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The Elneri Foundation

An eclectic family collection

As time passes I will add links to other blogs and journals I find useful, but for now, feel free to visit my own blogs. I've been remiss in updating them of late, however I shall endeavour to write more often.

The feeds show the latest entry and are updated twice a day.

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Chronicles of Kenny - The online journal for Kenny Jacobson.
On Christmas Eve I'm very excited because,
I am glad about Christmas.
and I'm glad about my presents and the people that care.

Conversations with Ander - An online journal of "conversations" with Ander
Daddy comes home to a mildly stressed Mommy and a very fussy Ander. The other boys are playing nearby.

Mommy: Thank goodness you're home.

Daddy (sitting down next to Mommy and taking Ander): C'mere buddy.

Mommy: Thanks. Give me a few minutes to relax and start dinner, then I'll take him back.

Ian: No! You can't take him back!

Mommy blinks.
Mommy: Why not?

Ian: Because he's my little brother! He stays here! You can't take him back to the hospital!

Mommy (laughing): Oh don't worry. He only had a seven day return policy. We're stuck with him now.
The Long Road - Sara's personal journal, for more casual entries.
Happy birthday to me, lalala

I'm 37 today- a prime number.  I guess that means this year the only thing that can divide me is myself. Well, and one-but that just leaves me again.  I love math jokes :0

So freely accepting well wishes, money, winning lottery tickets and visits by geekily handsome Scotsmen :)

Politely declining negativity- try again next year.

It's going to be a good year.
Thoughts - Sara's blog for sharing technical news, web design tricks she's discovered, and general mindless ranting.
Refreshing a page without reloading
When I ventured into the world of adjustable fonts I found many solutions out there, but every one I saw had one thing in common: Examples showed text with no text-decoration. When I tried these solutions on pages with links, the underline would not refresh as the text did, making for a very ugly display.

1. Use whatever method you like for changing fonts, style, etc.
2. When it's done, change the display style of the html tag to hidden, then back to block.

A simple Javascript example:

// ... when everything else is done.
document.getElementById('html').style.display = 'hidden';
document.getElementById('html').style.display = 'block';